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For the iQ+ Events Foundation, we have had the opportunity to design an event page.They aim to unite the hands of professionals in various fields such as education, healthcare, government, and parents for the benefit of gifted children. This foundation identifies professionals and relevant organizations and aims to serve as a guide for anyone seeking their way through the vast information and knowledge surrounding giftedness. They provide support and ensure a platform through which they facilitate mutual connection and collaboration, therefore this foundation needed a place online where all the events could be booked. 

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Developing a comprehensive website to serve as a centralized platform for hosting and managing all events organized by the iQ+ Foundation. This website will provide users with an intuitive interface where they can easily browse through upcoming events, access detailed information about each event, and securely book their participation.

Additionally, we are integrating a user-friendly webshop feature into the website, allowing participants to conveniently purchase tickets or reserve spots for their chosen events. Through this webshop functionality, users will have the flexibility to select their desired events, review pricing options, and seamlessly complete their transactions online.

Our goal is to streamline the event management process for the iQ+ Foundation while enhancing the overall experience for participants by offering a convenient and secure platform for event registration and payment.

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